A Day in the life of the Prior of the Holywell New Monastic Community

I am Fr Mark Soady and I am currently Prior of the Holywell Community and from January 1st Secretary to ARCiE.


I try to rise at this time, although it is hard in these dark winter months. I read the Times on line in order to inform my later prayer time.

This is the time for private study. I also find this is good time to do writing that involves thinking, for once the world wakes up it is hard to concentrate . This is also a good time for me to contact enquirers who wish to join the Community or who are in the processes of doing so but currently live in the USA or New Zealand.


I go to the Priory Church for 15 minutes of silent prayer before the Community say Lauds there together.


We Celebrate Mass daily. Tuesday it is the turn of the Sub Prior to Celebrate. While as a Priest it is important to me to Celebrate Mass, I do look forward to receiving his ministration on this morning each week.


Breakfast: with the whole Community. Porridge, Muesli or Toast and a Cup of Tea. after having been awake for four hours I am now ready to break my fast after Mass.


Daily meeting with my PA when the diary is checked, post is sorted etc

10am – 12noon

The daly routine varies in this slot today is Little Foot prints, our Parent & Toddler Group. As it is the last one of term I am dressing up as Father Christmas and handing out books telling the Christmas story in an accessible way for under 5s.


The Community gathers in the Priory Church for the Angelus and Sext, followed by a snack Lunch.


Having checked in with my PA to see what messages there are from the morning., the afternoon is spent visiting sick Parishioners…or those who I feel would benefit from a visit.


The Community gathers at this time for Vespers, followed by a meditation today on Psalm 12.


I chair the weekly Community Meeting. The meeting gives all Community members an opportunity to share news or concerns.

It is followed by a time of study together.


Supper. The Lay Members and I take it in turn to cook and wash up. This is followed by a time responding to any emails or phone calls that have come in during the afternoon.


As many of the parishioners work during the day meetings need to take place in this slot. While I think of myself as a fair but firm chair, I rarely get them finished much before 9pm, but never after.

However, when the evening allows I join the Lay Members for Compline at 8.15pm, if not I say it privately before retiring to bed.

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